New-age thinking: What it actually means

The new age thinking entrepreneur isn’t just about pretending to be cutting edge and superficially different and edgy. We are in the midst of a very interesting time in human history. A time that is dominated by new-age platforms like digital marketing and social media and a thriving internet community that is making or breaking businesses every day. Several big corporations are running the gamut of social media interactions, driving, shaping and steering them in their favor, but a small to medium enterprise can’t leverage that in the same way just by pumping money into digital agencies and running expensive marketing campaigns. The new age entrepreneur has to be resourceful, canny, work within limitations and leave maximum impact on his or her target group. This includes knowing your customers inside out, knowing what they want, what they expect, and how they want it and driving the marketing accordingly. The key is in simplicity. One does not have to spend inordinate amounts of money to brand and promote them self. That level of clutter and space hogging will not take you far. Keep it as narrow and focused as humanly possible and use the platforms smartly and correctly.

Varun Datta

The best way to do this is to cut through the BS and develop the right personality. For instance, I’m a block chain-cryptocurrency enthusiast and I have installed plants that provide power to convert waste to cryptocurrency. I know my audience and I know how they think and what they stand for. Cryptocurrency has been fashionable for a while ever since the value rose dramatically some months ago and it gained widespread press, media and people attention. But I don’t want to sell you crypto. I want to tell you that it’s possible to make it renewable and sustainable. That’s what I’m more interested in, than to tell my audience that the crypto production is in exponential boom and is going skyrocket even further in the incoming years. I want to tell them that our planet is collapsing under the burden of newer technologies too; it’s simply not sustainable anymore and with the global warming threat looming over our heads, it is high time we open our eyes and embrace an eco-friendly, sustainable, energy efficient means to keep our economy afloat. Make no mistake, I’m not saying cryptocurrency isn’t going to supplant traditional transactions; it very well might do so considering the high demand for encryption and anonymity among the new-age consumer. What I’m trying to get at is that in order to make it sustainable, it must plan for future contingencies of actually running out of power. We need to get to a full-scale renewable model for the industries as soon as possible or the future might not even come. My company, 4NEW stands for these ethos and we take resource conservation very seriously. It is our aim that cryptocurrencies in future fully embrace the waste to renewable power to fully harness its potential as a legitimate source of transactions internationally. The new age entrepreneur in short, has to play a very long-term game, think about the future and global implications than just focus on quick returns and be short sighted.

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